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Summary Report with aqTestCase and TestComplete 12

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Summary Report with aqTestCase and TestComplete 12

Has anyone tried to create a Summary Report via aqTestCase.Begin() / .End() in TestComplete 12?


I saw, there is a option to choose TestComplete 12 in the documentation , but then it says "Topic not found".


Thank you for your help.

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There are no Summary reports and aqTestCase in TC12. Features were added in TC14.10.



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There is the option to choose TextComplete 12.60. @Bobik 

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That's just an option generally in the help so that, if you're using an older version of the software, you can bring up the helpfiles for it.  It does not mean that the option is supported for that version... if you select TC 12.60 from that drop down (and I just tried it) you get a message indicating that the topic does not exist...  which is correct.  TC 12.60, that topic does not exist because it was added to TC 14.10 only.

If you want to use aqTestCase and the Summary report, you'll need to upgrade your version of TestComplete.  If you have a maintenance contract with SmartBear, it might even be a free upgrade.

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