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Strange behavior of the network suite

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Strange behavior of the network suite



Please help me to solve this issue:


I have one remote server as Master and another one as Slave.

Both are members of one domain. I can reboot Slave from Master, I can set Slave's base path using TestComplete. Also I can connect to Slave from Master using RDP.

But when I try to verify Slave or copy the project to Slave, it fails with error: Verification failed. Unable to create a user session on the remote computer.


What else can be a reason? I tried to change the Login mode, but it not helps.


thank you!

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Solved after Master user was added to the Remote Desktop Users group on the Slave server.

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Hrm... that's good to know. I wasn't aware that TestComplete uses the RDP protocol to make those connections from Master to Slave.  Thanks @baxatob

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