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Static methods in classes in VBScript(TestComplete)

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Static methods in classes in VBScript(TestComplete)

Is there any static methods(as we have in C++/C# programming language) which we can call using Class name.

For e.g

class ABC

    static function MyFunction()

    end function

end class

and I can call MyFunction using ABC.MyFunction() instead of object of class.


Bhausaheb Gurav
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Hi Bhausaheb,

No, classes in VBScript are always dynamic, so you must first create an instance of the class and then call its method.
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Hi Bhausaheb,

Alexei is right, but instead of using classes, to get similar functionality, you can use script units and call methods by using UnitName.RoutineName. UnitName specifies the unit where the routine is located.

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