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Some errors occurred while installing the agent

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Some errors occurred while installing the agent

Hello everyone,

On Mobile Screen

I click the "Enable" button (or click "Install Android Agent" icon) the error message "Some errors occurred while installing the agent" displays (Screenshot "agent.png")


I try using enable Agent manually. Use script as below:

def InstallAgent():
AgentApkPath = "C:/Program Files (x86)/SmartBear/TestComplete 12/Bin/Extensions/Android/AndroidAgent.apk";
Agent = Mobile.Device().PackageManager.GetPackageFromAPK(AgentApkPath);


But I receive the error when run scripts (Screenshot "manual.png")


Please support me how to enable Test Complete Agent. 


Many thanks,

Xuan Pham


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Did you follow these instructions?



Step 2 mentions the file in your error message.

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For me, I'm working with restricted devices.  I had to make sure that I had the permissions to install the app

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