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Smart Bear Suddenly Stopped Recording

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Smart Bear Suddenly Stopped Recording

It has been working great, and then all of a sudden today it only recording cursory steps.  (URLS visited). It is now not recording any detailed steps such as entering user names, passwords, clicks or double clicks. I am on a remote server and have been using the remote server for about a month.

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What changed? 

Are you using a different browser?

Did you update TestComplete?

Is TestComplete installed on the remote server?


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What changed? Actually nothing has changed.  I did reboot the remote server.

Are you using a different browser? All testing today has been in Internet Explorer

Did you update TestComplete? No we did not

Is TestComplete installed on the remote server? Yes indeed it is.

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I have rebooted the server and it seems to be working better. 
Are there cases where the performance does actually degrade? 

Only degradation I have ever seen on the TC is the app slowing down.  That being said, perhaps the browser was loading slow when you were recording so the objects weren't there yet when TC was trying to spy them.  


Keep your log files and Visualizer files cleared out and make sure there isn't anything else running on the box, other than TC and whatever you are testing.  TC likes lots of memory and lack of that can bog things down too.


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Thanks for the thorough and well thought out response.  TC is in fact a user of Memory. I did have Visual studio open at the the same time as I am trying to emulate VB code for our proof of concept. I will be aware of that.  I did a server reboot and that helped some.

I opened a bug as I can no longer record scripts at the present time. I record a script and only the initial step (uneeded) records.  I am currently looking to reduce by

During test recording, TestComplete automatically captures images of mapped objects and adds them to the Name Mapping repository. If you do not want to store the images or if you need to decrease memory consumption, select Do not store in the Store images section of the Store Name Mapping Data dialog, in the Name Mapping editor:


I do not see this option in the Name Mapping Editor

See if this helps




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That is not intuitive however That helped me to get there. Thank you. Those are my settings. 

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