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SendMail not working. Tried everything I found in documentation and forum. Need help.

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SendMail not working. Tried everything I found in documentation and forum. Need help.

In gmail, 2-step verification is turned off.

Account access is enabled.

Less secure app access is turned on.

There is a log file here: C:\\TestLog\\Log.mht


 The script I am using:

function Test()
  SendEmail("", "", "Test", "TestMessage", "C:\\TestLog\\Log.mht");
function SendEmail(mFrom,  mTo,  mSubject,  mBody,  mAttachment)
  var smtpServer = "" //"";
  var smtpPort = 587; //tried 587, 465, 26 & 25 as well
  var userLogin = "xxxx"; // e.g. "abc" if the address is
  var userPassword = "PASSWORD";
  var autentificationType = 1; // cdoBasic
  var connectionTimeout = 30;
  var useSSL = true;// Required by Gmail
  try {
    var schema = "";
    var mConfig = Sys.OleObject("CDO.Configuration");
    mConfig.Fields.Item(schema + "sendusing") = 2; // cdoSendUsingPort
    mConfig.Fields.Item(schema + "smtpserver") = smtpServer;
    mConfig.Fields.Item(schema + "smtpserverport") = smtpPort;
    mConfig.Fields.Item(schema + "sendusername") = userLogin;
    mConfig.Fields.Item(schema + "sendpassword") = userPassword;
    mConfig.Fields.Item(schema + "smtpauthenticate") = autentificationType;
    mConfig.Fields.Item(schema + "smtpconnectiontimeout") = connectionTimeout;
    mConfig.Fields.Item(schema + "smtpusessl") = useSSL;
    var mMessage = Sys.OleObject("CDO.Message");
    mMessage.Configuration = mConfig;
    mMessage.From = mFrom;
    mMessage.To = mTo;
    mMessage.Subject = mSubject;
    mMessage.HTMLBody = mBody;
    if(0 < mAttachment.length) {
  catch(exception) {
    Log.Error("E-mail cannot be sent", exception.description);
    return false;  
  Log.Message("Message to <" + mTo +  "> was successfully sent");
  return true;

Log reports: 'E-mail cannot be sent', Additional Info panel is blank.


Help is much appreciated.



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Changed to 465, same error!

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Basically, at this point, it's a connectivity problem.  something is not allowing the link up between your machine and the gmail server.  Some google searches seem to point to the port... that you might not have the correct port.


Since you're using SSL, it should be 465.  The username should be your full gmail address including the 

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I have tried to use the entire email address ( with port 465. That did not make any difference. I read that with gmail I need to use SSL, is that true?


I asked my manager if any of the ports in question are blocked, he was not sure. I need to talk to the network guys to make sure they are not blocked.


If you have any other solutions, I would love to hear it.


Once again, I really appreciate your time and effort trying to help me! Thank you!



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Thanks a lot for your help, @tristaanogre.


@royd, were you able to resolve the issue?

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