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Send test result via e-mail in subject


Send test result via e-mail in subject


I need to run my test project in TestComplete10 every night, and I need to be able to send result (Succeded/Error(s) occurred) as a part of a email subject.

I run the test project through command line (or I should say batch files) and I also use command line to send emails. First I thought that I always send the .mht file as an attachment, but it is to large even after compression, so I cannot use this solution. I read some other threads about this and everybody solves this using TestCompletes SendMail method. So I just wonder if there is some way to get the result from commandline.


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hi @booradley


why don't you put at the end of each project an enabled item that will call your method "GetTestSummary" ?

you could choose each test item that you want, in any cases you just have to have this last item always checked.


secondly, you could store your datas into a file but you could also use a database. you simply have to find a little place in your network, in a mysql database for example. Reading and writing into a database through the script is easy. just don't forget to try/catch the read/write to avoid your tests to stop if there is a problem.

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