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Searching for Text in a Windows ListView

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Searching for Text in a Windows ListView

I am using keyword tests. I am running a Windows App. I have a List and I want to search for a specific Lab No e.g. 18B000025. Can anybody suggest a .Method I can use. I have trawled through the list to no avail



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If this is a standard ListView control type, the various properties and methods available can be found at


Although, this looks less like a ListView and more like a grid of some sort... gives you some starting points.

Depending upon what the control is and what properties/methods/etc are available on the control, the methodology may vary.  What I've done for searching many grid types is simply a for loop from 0 to grid.RowCount, checking the value of column 0 on each row... if I find the desired lab value, I store the rowindex for that lab in a variable and break out of the for loop.


But... for the specifics of YOUR control, can you give us a screenshot of what the grid shows up as in the Object Browser or Object Spy, being sure to include as many properties and methods available under "Advanced"...  

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Thanks for the help and suggestions.

You were right it is a GRID not a LIST


But it is not a standard Grid and I had to add the classname to the  Object Mapping Properties of the Project before it was recognised as a Grid.


The classname was DataGridViewRichTextBox.SelectDataGridView added under  the tree

Microsoft Controls






I am now able to use the methods I would expect with a Grid.





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