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Script is getting fail in CrossbrowserTesting on first line Set page = Sys.Browser("*").Page("*")

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Script is getting fail in CrossbrowserTesting on first line Set page = Sys.Browser("*").Page("*")

I am trying to execute script in crossbrowsertesting.

My script execute and fail in early of execution, It's failing on below line of a function

Set page = Sys.Browser("*").Page("*")

while when i execute the same script normally without crossbrowsertesting. It's working fine

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> Below is the code that i'm using.

Either this is not the code that you reported problem for or attached screenshots do not correspond to this code.

So request to provide actual code, the line that fails and screenshot of the relevant test log still remains.


As a side note:

> Set page = Sys.Browser("*").Page("*")

This is a bad code that may be used only if you really need this and completely control the state of the test environment.

Translated into human, this line of code means: "Search the system for any instance of any browser. For the found instance search for any web page it contains and use this found page".

Considering the above: can you guarantee that your system has only one instance of required browser running with only one web page opened and the opened web page is the expected one? Note, that the "any instance of any browser" means not only browsers that you can see on the screen, but also those that are running in the background or hung and did not end on close.


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Hi @kaiiii , are you still facing this issue? Please let us know. Also, providing the info Alex is asking would be very helpful for the causeSmiley Happy Thank you

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