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Schema in the Connection string to connect to Oracle DB

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Schema in the Connection string to connect to Oracle DB



I have a connection string that I use to connect to oracle DB.

I'm not sure if schema name can also be passed in the connection string. I tried and it didn't work.

Is there any other way to do this or any different parameter name I should be using other than 'Current Schema' ?



   conn.ConnectionString = 
                          "Data Source = XXX;" +   
                          "CurrentSchema  = XXXXX;" +                       
                          "User ID  = XXX;" +
                          "Password = XX" ;


Any help would be appreciated!


Thank you


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Unless I am mistaken, schema is set per user at the database level, not by your connection so this isn't something you can do when connecting. 


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Hi @cunderw, I agree with that, but here I have some generic Id that has access to 15 different schemas. Unless there's a way to pass a parameter that tells which schema.table to query on, It's difficult to go to the actual schema.table. 


I've used a different way to do this. Instead of passing the schema name in the connection string, I've parameterized schemaname in    'schemaname.table' in the sql queries. that works without any problems but I don't like it very much.


However,  for DB2, I can pass the schema names  in the connection string itself.


Thank you


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