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Saving logs takes too much time

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Saving logs takes too much time

Hi Community,

I've executed 12 testcases from Test Items and at the end I've called SaveResultAs method to save the logs for the complete project in a seperate folder..

So after executing all the testcases, it is calling SaveResultAs method to save the logs. Its taking too much time to save them and hence I'm facing performance issue. Is there any way to resolve this?




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I would also really love to know an answer to this... The length of time it takes to export logs is too long and most often crashes the application or causes it to be out of action for a long period of time (something like 10 - 30 minutes if not longer).


Is there something we're doing wrong? Or something we could do to fix this.


Currently, I'm collating results manually after each major test run and I'd really prefer not to have to do this but exporting results is just unworkable.

My guess is you're not doing anything to limit the number of images being saved. Take a look at Log.LockEvents. It will prevent the log from saving every single even image, and save just a specified amount leading up to an error. 


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Thanks cunderw!


I'll take a look and give it a try.

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