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Same object has different identities, so "the target object does not exist" error occurs.


Same object has different identities, so "the target object does not exist" error occurs.


I use property checkpoint on an alert. I get the target object does not exist error.

Because the parent object was not found. When I check parent object's identities, with object Spy, I realize that some of the identities are different for example in name area old value was "WPFObject("xxxWindowxx","DesktopAlert")", new value is "WPFObject("xxxWindowxx","")".

But when I create new project (with different namemaping) I see the alert window has the value WPFObject("xxxWindowxx","DesktopAlert")". 

And I turn my main project and check the window property it seems WPFObject("xxxWindowxx","DesktopAlert")". When I run the test it fails and I check property it is again "WPFObject("xxxWindowxx","")".

I'm so confused. I have to fix it because I use this checkpoint in all tests.

Thanks in advance

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HI @handanu ,

 To over come the mentioned issue , one possible way is, change the "DesktopAlert" to wildcard value , ie, WPFObject("xxxWindowxx","*"). This might solve the issue for time being, but i dont know exactly why the values change by time.



Thank you or your reply.

But this time I get "Ambigious recognition of the tested object" warning. It takes time to find the alert. 

I keep the alert window manually to see the warning.The alert window is invisible after a while (program's behaviour). So if I do not keep the alert manually, the alert will disappear and I will get an error again.


I guess I have found a way. I have changed the location of the object in name mapping and aliases section. I transport the object from problematic parent to reliable parent. When I run the test, it passes.

But I still don't understand why alert window's identities changed project to project.


Nice job finding a stable parent object using the extended find! Sometimes machines are quirky and this is the best solution if we can't find a unique static path all the way down to the child object!

Justin Kim
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Hello, Handanu


You can also dynamically search for these objects using the .find() method.


This is much easier than moving the NameMapping repository.

Thank you Wamboo,

But I don't use script, I create keyword tests. Do you have any suggestions that I will apply with keyword testing?

All right,


I've never used the keyword method before, but...


Is there any field to use a regular expression?

There is operation field and contains find method. 

But I have to update like hundered steps. Because I use this alert as a checkpoint item and use it everywhere.

But in name mapping I only drag and drop the alert from problematic parent to reliable parent. Just once. 

As if this were easier way.

Ok now i understand Your solution.

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