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SVN commit and update causes mismatch in settings in different machines

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SVN commit and update causes mismatch in settings in different machines

Me and my colleague have one project suite in SVN server and this is synced with our local copies in our respective machines (SVN integration has been setup as per TestComplete guidelines).
Every time one of us updates from TestComplete (source control) to get any version from SVN, there is a mismatch (or corruption) in settings and this leads to the scripts failing for different reasons in the machine from which the update was done.

The latest issue being the absence of methods on grids like findrow, clickcell etc.
And when I spy on any object, TestComplete takes a good 5-10 seconds to identify the object while the message "Searching for the object that is under the mouse cursor. Please wait" is shown.


I have compared the entries under Object Mapping in both the machines and they are identical. Same for the installed extensions as well.

Need solution to fix this missing method, slow object identification and SVN settings corruption issues.


Thanks in advance!

We are testing a Desktop Application based on .Net Framework.

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Which files are mismatched?

More of corruption than mismatch. Sorry for not being precise.

The installed extensions and entries under Object Mapping (Current Project Settings) are identical in both the machines. 

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Hi @ljayar,

Are you getting any errors? If you are, please post the screenshots of them here.

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

And we still need to know which files are corrupt/mismatched/not correct.

Hi @TanyaYatskovska and @Marsha_R 


I will try to explain the problem in detail.

1. We have 2 users working on the automation testing of our .Net based desktop application.

2. SVN has been configured from TestComplete and both the users have respective local copies of the Project Suite folder from SVN. 

3. Commit to SVN from TestComplete works normally. However, when update is done in one machine to reflect the changes from the second machine, the update happens without any error. However, the scripts are failing!


Scripts are failing because Grid methods like Clickcell, FindRow etc are not present.

So, I checked the extensions installed in both the machines as well as Current Project Settings>Object Mapping (custom classes) and both are identical.


I am not able to figure out the exact problem!


It is the same issue as in

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Hi ljayar,


Please open the TestComplete project and the tested application on both machines and select the Grid using the Object Spy. Please make sure that the Grid object is recognized in the exact same way on both machines. There should be some difference. 


If you checked already the enabled plugins (File | Installed Extensions...), then please check the project properties that affect the object recognition, such as Open Applications -> Process Filter, MSAA, UI Automation, Text Recognition. 


Also, please make sure that you are working with the same version of the tested application on both machines.


I hope this helps. 

Yuriy Peshekhonov
Customer Care Engineer
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Thanks everyone for helping.


@ljayar Did you solve the issue using the approach suggested by Yuri here?

Sonya Mihaljova
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