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Runtime error on adding working days to current date

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Runtime error on adding working days to current date

Hi Guys,


I have written a method to add working days to current date but its throwing an runtime exception while running below code


function addWorkDaysToDate(fromDate, days)
var count = 0;
while (count < days)
fromDate.setDate(fromDate.getDate() + 1); ----------------------------------------------Breaks on this line
if (fromDate.getDay() != 0 && fromDate.getDay() != 6) // Skip weekends
return fromDate.toDateString();


Value i am passing for example is fromDate: 02/02/18 and days: 4


Please assist on what is incorrect

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is fromDate passed as a string?  If so, you can't call the setDate method.  You need to convert the string to a date time and then user associated methods.


For that matter, there is built in functionality in test complete for manipulating dates.  Try the following.


function addWorkDaysToDate(fromDateString, days){
    var fromDate = aqConvert.StrToDate(fromDateString);
    var count = 0;
    while (count < days){
        fromDate = aqDateTime.AddDays(fromDate, 1);
        if ((aqDateTime.GetDayOfWeek(fromDate) !=1) && (aqDateTime.GetDayOfWeek(fromDate) != 7)){


    return aqConvert.DateTimetoStr(fromDate);

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