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Running the same test case in Test Complete Multiple Times


Running the same test case in Test Complete Multiple Times

I have a couple of test cases that I am generating for a Website and I need to set up several of the cases so that they will run multiple times during my testing of the product. I want be able to add to 20 new records and then update them as we are going. 


Can you post a screenshot of the page you are trying to fill in with the csv data?  It's difficult to tell what you are trying to do from generic object names.

   Deal Information

 Create New Deal




 Clone Deal



Select Source of this Deal

* Deal Name:


* B:


* Department:

Select the Originating Department



All of the fields except the Deal name are drop down fields with a panel that list names of who is in the drop down.

This is what I am going after is to create a csv that will pick out all of the drop down information and populate it with new data.


I can't give out to much information about the application as I because it is proprietary information. The one's with stars are required fields.

The easiest way to do it is to record a manual test where you type in those fields.  Then take that test and change the spots where you typed in the data to instead read the appropriate field from the .csv file.

I am not changing the spot where the information is located I am changing who is using that spot so one day it could

Michael Johnson the next its John Doe.


The only criteria is that the names are in the drop down list that is contained when I select the textnode.

My CSV has those names in it along with all the information for each individual file.

No, you don't need to change the spot.  When you record a test, you will get something like


NameSpot = 'Bobby'


You change that in the test to be


NameSpot = object name of name column in csv file


Then when you put that code in the loop, it will put the name from the current line in the csv, whatever it is


the .csv file takes the place of you typing it in

So if I understand you correctly when I am looking at the script I should change the value to the Var record in the value area? In this case reference Var2 data driven loop.

The recording starts with the following 

Item Column                        Operation  Column                        Value    Column                      Description Column


Is that correct?

Take a look at this tutorial.  I think it will answer your questions.

While I can create a script for the data driven loop it is not mentioning how to make it so that I it will stop trying to

populate all the data in the data loop.

An example I used the Generate Data and created a local table.

I had one column which would have any of 9 different values which I wanted the system just to populate that one

then close.

However, the data driven loop wanted to go back and populate all the different items. I do not want that I want to have one picked and then

close it out the test. 

You could use a random number generator to pick a value from 1-9 and use that result to pick a value out of your table.

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This is a great conversation! 


Hi @Largent803! Were you able to find the final solution to your question? If so, please share it. 

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