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Running tests on remote PC's...


Running tests on remote PC's...


I have developed my tests on an XP PC with TestComplete.  I would like to run my tests on remote PC's.  I have TestExecute installed on a remote Vista PC.  I have all the NetworkSuite stuff set up and I can successfully run my tests on the remote PC, but the problem that I'm having is that as soon as the test launches, the session ends and the application I'm testing (and every other open window on the test machine screen) is made much smaller and put up in the upper left corner of the screen.  I've tried using both the Windows supplied Remote Desktop and VNC as described in the "Running Tests via Remote Desktop" help topic.  I get the same result with each.  I tried VNC'ing from the XP PC to the Vista PC and vice versa.  Same result either direction.  I would like to be able to see what's going on with the test, and when the application screen size is changed when the session is closed, some of the objects on the screen are no longer available.  The script seems to do everything it's supposed to, but I see a lot of errors in my test log.

There was an attempt to perform an action at a point, which is beyond the screen.

Screen coordinates of the point: (523, 531)


(Sys.Process("Data Messenger").WinFormsObject("ConfigurationForm").WinFormsObject("configurationTC").WinFormsObject("forwardTP").WinFormsObject("forwardTwelveLeadGB").WinFormsObject("twelveLeadURLVerifyBtn"))

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Jeff,

If you specify login credentials for a host, TestComplete will open a new remote session when executing a task. Currently, the screen size of the RDP window that opens cannot be changed and it looks like it is too small for your tested application.

To resolve the issue, do not specify login credentials for the Network Suite hosts - in this case TestComplete will not open a new session on the remote PC, it will run the test in the existing user session. So, you can open an RDP session yourself and TestComplete will use it.

In TestComplete 8, this behavior will be improved - the screen resolution of the RDP window will be equal to the screen resolution of the Master PC, so you can set the resolution suitable for your test execution.

Customer Care Manager
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