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Running TestComplete in a Linux Bamboo Agent (through Docker?)

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Running TestComplete in a Linux Bamboo Agent (through Docker?)


We are working with Bamboo and I want to run tests created in TestComplete to be run on Bamboo.
Now the problem is we only have Bamboo Agents that support Linux and not Windows.
We do not need the UI available, I can run the tests through the TestComplete CL:
So the idea is to run TestComplete in a docker image and I was wondering if anybody has a proper solution for it?
Or if you have an alternative solution, I am happy to listen!

Thank you for your input!
Kind regards πŸ™‚

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What happens if you try it?

Hi Marsha I am currently trying but it does not seems to be working, so that is why I am reaching the community...

Yes, but you didn't give us any specific details. Now we know that you are working in Javascript. If you show us what you tried and what happened, then it is much easier for us to help. Screenshots of your work are the best.
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TestComplete is essentially Windows application and can run only in this environment.

If you can setup the Bamboo agent on Linux in a way so it (agent) connects Windows box and starts TestComplete there, then you should be able to get what you need. (If I got your question right.)


We do not need the UI available

Note, that while TestComplete can be started and can operate without active interactive user session (i.e. in a headless mode), active interactive user session is required if the tested application provides GUI. Otherwise (without interactive UI user session), tested application will not be able to render its UI and this will cause TestComplete test to fail because of inability to access this or that UI element of the tested application.


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