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RunAs mode issue

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RunAs mode issue



Could someone help me with an issue I'm currently experiencing.


I'm using the RunAs mode to allow me to launch an application under a user account that is different from the actual logged on account


Within the Windows registry our software will add a default database key corresponding to the current user under HKEY_CURRENT_USER so when an application is launched it knows what database to connect to.


When I launch an application using a different user, however, it connects to the default database corresponding to this user, which so happens to be a different database


I know how to update the registry but when I do this at run time it updates the default database fo the current user. Is there anyway when using RunAs to update the registry key for the specific 'RunAs' user








Re: RunAs mode issue



Have you tried running TestComplete as adminsitrator for example. See and that may help with your default use in the registry



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Re: RunAs mode issue



i just did a quick "googling" and found something like this:


maybe You can try to change it by cmd?

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Re: RunAs mode issue

Thanks Womboo, and DWalsh!


@albrechtmyers have you tried any of the suggestions yet? What is the result?

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