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Run failed Tests again

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Run failed Tests again

Is there a function or whatever, to run all failed tests from a log again?


Or create a new testrun with the failed tests in a simple and fast way?

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No, there is not.  Keep in mind, that TestComplete, being a flexible tool with many ways of doing the same thing... what defines a "test"? I have a framework that I developed in TestComplete which runs a test run based upon a set of SQL data.  If one of those fails, how do I tell TestComplete to re-run one of those tests?  Meanwhile, other folks use the TestItems feature of TestComplete to define a test.  Some have something that looks entirely different... so, to get a log file out of TestComplete and say, "Rerun failed tests"... what is the context for defining what a test is?

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Extensions available

Some time ago I implemented such a feature and wrote a blog post on how I did it.

You can find the post here


It is in Russian, but I think you can use google translate to get an English version.


General idea is to add each test with an error to the list (batch-file in my case) and run them all after the main set is finished.

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will read into it, thx - and yeah google translate does its job

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