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Run Script with CBT (Parallelly) after using different data from excel


Run Script with CBT (Parallelly) after using different data from excel

I wanna run my script (Which is written in JavaScript) thru CBT on 3-4 browser and i want to use different different data from the excel for each browser running parallelly in with CBT.

Is it possible to do that?? If yes, what would be the Best way to do it??


Hi @dikshika114 


I think there is a misunderstanding. 


I said to use 4 separate variable values/ Test Parameters. 


This will ensure each test will use a different value


test1 - variable value 1 - parallel session 1

test2 - variable value 2 - parallel session 2

test 3 - variable value 3- parallel session 3

test 4- variable value 4- parallel session 4


With regards deleting from the data base, this is done in an iterative basis. 


Either done prior to running a test, or after you run the test.


The key is when you run the test you will not be blocked from using that same variable/parameter again. 


As mentioned before also would be a set variable value using a code expression mode


Using say reg ex or something similar you could add generate values to be added and avoiding the deleting from the DB but it means lots of test data in your DB. 


Hope this clarifies any confusion on the approach I suggested






Hi @dikshika114 - 


It is still possible to avoid deleting the posts with my approach - i think you will find this a bit more streamline. 


Let me know your language of choice. 



Hi @ebarbera 


I am using JavaScript. Please share a sample code for that.




Hi @dikshika114 - 


Great thank you!


function UniqueUserDatanew()
Project.Variables.UniqueUserNum = ++Project.Variables.UniqueUserNum
Project.Variables.UserEmail = "testuser" + Project.Variables.UniqueUserNum



This is an example of the script - in order to make this work you will have to add the project variables at the project level - (same approach can be used for username)



In your test you will have to run the script routine at the start of the test to generate the unique values - and then change out the constant values for the variables:




Please let me know if you have any questions or if part of this doesnt make sense. 




Hi @ebarbera 


I have implemented the code and the suggestion that you provided but it's not working.

It's taking same value for different browsers like Chrome, Edge and Firefox while running parallelly with CBT.

Due to which my script is passing only for one browser and failing for other two. Because duplicate email can't save in my system.


Eg: UserEmail = for all three browsers. So, my problem is not solved.

I want 3 values parallelly like:

Chrome: UserEmail =

Firefox:  UserEmail =

Edge: UserEmail =


I need Different value for different browsers that are running parallelly.





Hi @dikshika114

In this case my two ideas would be to use a random number function for a portion of the email. Also you could try using logic to determine which browser is running and having unique versions of the email address per user.

Let me know if you have further questions.


Hi @ebarbera 

1. Can you explain the Random number function?

2. Can you please provide a detail exaple with sample script for your second thought?

3. How can we check, which current browser is running on remote with CBT to apply the TestData Conditions accordingly???? @ebarbera 


Like How much variables i will have to create for that?

and How it will work for 3 browsers?



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