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Run Code Snippet with QuerySelector & Click method embedded


Run Code Snippet with QuerySelector & Click method embedded



How do I accomplish this for a Keyword Test?  The link that needs to be clicked is of class "i.arrow-top".  (See image attached). 


Because the Object Spy cannot successfully identify this link, I thought of using Run Code Snippet with QuerySelector("i.arrow-top") and Click().  Is it possible to combine both methods in a single line of code?  The goal is to click on the arrow-top link.  


Also attached is a screenshot of my TestComplete workspace showing the Run Code Snippet parameter:



p.s. One more question:  When attempting to use Object Spy, the entire browser window is highlighted instead.  Could it be because the arrow-top's css display attribute is set to "block"?


Thanks in advance for any feedback 🙂



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Hi Arlene,


> Aliases.browser.pageIsmadsMyDashboard2.QuerySelector("i.arrow-top").Click();

I think this should work. and reply from Amey should explain what's going on in your case.


> the entire browser window is highlighted 

Most probably, this is because your browser is not supported by your version of TestComplete. Visit and/or to check if the patch for the version of your browser and TestComplete exists and install it if it does.

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