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Rogue Wave Stingray library support

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Rogue Wave Stingray library support


I am currently writing test for a software using Rogue Wave Stingray libraries in GUI implementation. I am having some trouble in reading and accessing a data table in the GUI. The window containing the data is well displayed and accessible in Test Complete objects browser. Even the Panel containig the data is displayed as a 'child' of this window, but that is where the lead ends.

I have browsed through the help files and tried to activate all kinds of third party controls that would read this panel, but so far without any promising results. I tried to add the Panel containig the data to the names list using the name mapping tool, but it failed to recognize the Panel as a Rogue Wave Class.

I suspect that the .NET Rogue Wave Stingray support does not cover the software I am testing. If someone anyhow has more ideas on how to access such lists, please post them here.


Janne Aho


Hi Janne,

What version of the control are you using? The version supported in TestComplete is 9.04 (see the "Working With Custom Controls" help topic). 

In case you are using the supported version, please see the "Rogue Wave Stingray Objective Grid" and "Working With Grids" help topics to learn how to work with the control. In case your control is a descendant of the supported control, you can try adding the control's window class name to an appropriate Object Mapping group (right-click your project in Project Explorer | Edit | Properties | Object Mapping | Rogue Waves Controls | StingrayObjectiveGrid  ). See the "Object Mapping" help topic for details.

Also, you can download a sample project from here:

If you still face the problem, please zip the entire project suite folder and send me the archive.

Dmitry Nikolaev

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