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Right click an item in a list

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Right click an item in a list

Hi! So when i record a Test and right click a parameter in the selection list it writes out The name of the parameter. The problem with that is if The parameter gets removed. I simply want it to click on item (5) in the list for example. Using keyword test.

Hope you can understand how i mean else i will send pictures.
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If you mean you want to click item(5) no matter what it is, then use the object name to click it instead of the text.


If that's not quite it, yes, please post pictures.  πŸ™‚

Yeah thats what i mean, how do i get to know The object name? If I select The selection list it only takes The whole window. πŸ™‚

Let's see the name mapping for the selection list.  There's usually a way to drill down and see the individual items.

Pretty new to this how do you see name mapping for it?

Hi again, this is how i see it when i try to select the list item.

Hi again, this is how i see it when i try to select the list item.

ListView20WndClass ClickItem "M_Conc5_HC", ...

Clicks the 0 subitem of the 'M_Conc5_HC' item of the 'ListView20WndClass' list view.

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ClickItem as a method can take either a string or an integer.  So, if you ALWAYS want to click on the 5th item in the list, you simply do ClickItem(5).  If you always want to click on the same text in the list, regardless of position, you do ClickItem(<item text>).


Since you're using Keyword test, it's simply a matter of editing the operation after the recording and going to the parameter and changing the type from "string" to "integer" and entering in the desired value.



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