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Rest API Attachment issue:

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Rest API Attachment issue:

Dear all,


I have been working with the integration of TestComplete with YouTrack.

so far i have been successful with creating a new issue in youtrack through a test run from testcomplete.

however, the issue i am still facing is uploading the attachment along with creating the issue.

any help would be great.

below is my code:


function httpPostRequest()
var address = "http://URL/rest/issue?project=ABC&summary=new+issue&description=Description+of+new+issue&attachment=D:\\Newfolder\\b.jpg";
var username = "";
var password = "userabc";

var requestBody = '1';

var aqHttpRequest = aqHttp.CreatePostRequest(address, username, password);

aqHttpRequest.SetHeader("Content-Type", "application/json");
var aqHttpResponse = aqHttpRequest.Send()

Log.Message(aqHttpResponse.StatusCode); // A status code
Log.Message(aqHttpResponse.Text); // A body




this creates the issue but does'nt upload the attachment.

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File upload via http is a complex process. E.g.:

I never used YouTrack, but still I think that this should be a two-step process:

-- You need to create an issue first and get its id or whatever is required to address the issue in the future;

-- The second step is to use some other API call that will upload the file from your local system to the server and link uploaded file to the issue.


So I would suggest to search for an API that uploads the file and links it to the already existing issue.


  /Alex [Community Hero]
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