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Replacing sourceIndex in firefox and Chrome


Replacing sourceIndex in firefox and Chrome


We have a script working for support of the IE browser html objects. Now after TC 9.0, since you guys are extending support for firefox and chrome browser, we would also like to make use of it and start testing in cross browser. Our script use sourceIndex based logic to reach the object and interact, but as far as i know firefox and chrome does not support this property. So do you have any suggestion what exact property can we use to replace sourceIndex(any similar property) with any other property which FF and chrome supports.
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Hi Rajat,

Unfortunately, there is no exact analogue for the sourceIndex property in Firefox and Chrome. Moreover, according to, this property works incorrectly even in IE9.

Therefore, to transform your existing IE test to a cross-browser test, you would need to change the logic of the way the objects are identified. The About Web Object Identification and Object Models topic explains how to address web page objects from tests.

Happy automation.
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