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Remote desktop resolution woes

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Remote desktop resolution woes



We are using a remote machine running TeamCity for our CI on Server 2008. I have a job configured to pull the latest tests from SVN and run them on the latest build in TestExecute.


This all works fine while connected to the machine via RDP, however running it RDP disconnected (via the tscon method) the resolution drops to 800*600 and the GUI tests can't complete as buttons are off the screen.


Is there any way to keep the desktop resolution from dropping to 800*600?


Pretty sure we are limited to running RDP however.

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Since you're transfering to the console, then what you need to do is connect to the console manually as the user under which the tests are running and set the resolution manually.  Then, when you disconnect via tscon, the resolution should be preserved.

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All sorted now.


While my predecessor was here they were using Hyper-V to manage the machines, this was configured to keep the resolution. Since then, they switched to Acropolis and hadn't re-configured the default resolution.


The server boys have fixed that so now running as it should.

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I ran into something similar. The scripts run as expected when I'm connected via RDP but as soon as I disconnect the desktop size reduces from 1920 X 1280 to 1024 X 768. Image comparisons were failing because the actual image was compressed into a 1024 X 768 space. This on a Win10 X64 machine with TC V14 being accessed remotely.

The solution was to go into the Registry and find all instances of 'Screen Resolution' and 'Desktop Resolution' and change them to 1920 X 1280.  There were 14. The change seems to have occurred after a recent Win10 auto-update.

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