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Region checkpoint fails between runs on difference PCs


Region checkpoint fails between runs on difference PCs

I have the issue where on one PC the recorded test runs perfectly.

However, when I run the same set of test on a difference PC, it fails the regions checkpoint, due to mainly subtle differences in the image captured.

I have read the section discussing different factors which might affect the Region checkpoint.


Does the monitor (in turn monitor resolution) used between PCs when running tests affect the test outcome?


If a test is executed via Remote desktop, when the images are captured, are the image properties that of those from the host PC, or are they those from the Remote Desktop window? 

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Yes image can differ from system to system due to Graphics Card, processing and different pixel color settings.


Try to update the tolerance value between both the machine which you find suitable.

We are also dealing with extensive graphics software and struggle a lot with the Image comparison.

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