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Refresh files



I can't find the command to refresh files.  How do I force TestComplete to refresh all files so that changes are reflected in the script files it's using to run tests if I change something while a test is running?  I can hack around the problem by making and undoing a change and saving the file (or, equivalently, executing touch to change the file timestamp).  But obviously there's a way to force a refresh without having to do that sort of hack.  I just can't find it and nothing like that comes up in a search.  Does anyone know where that command is?





I've already put in the feature request, but I fully expect that to come to nothing.  If a feature like that isn't there, considering other basic features that are missing, I have no doubt that there's no intention of ever putting it in.  And I can't bring myself to use the TC editor because it's just not designed for editing code.  Or anything, really.


Thanks for your time.

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