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Recording keyword test for the installation of an application


Recording keyword test for the installation of an application



I am trying to record a test whereby the keyword test will automate the installation of a software application.

However, what I am observing is that the recorded test does not recognise the dialog popups during the installation process, hence the recorded test isnt able to replay the recorded test.

I would have thought the popup dialogs will be treated just as any dialog which TestComplete should recognise.



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Recorded tests frequently use screen coordinates to find objects rather than object names.  This is pretty fragile and will not always create a repeatable test.  Check your recorded test to see if it's doing that, and if so, the recommended fix is to change those test items to find the object by name or some other property rather than using coordinates.

The thing is Testcomplete isnt capturing any of the screens clicked on during the installation, all it captures is the Run TestedApp, and this is when installer executable (.exe) is clicked on. After this despite the user clicking on multiple installation related popup dialogs they are not recorded by TestComplete.

A screenshot of your recorded test would be helpful.  Also a screenshot of the extended version of the object spy for that dialog box.

Unfortunately I cannot post screenshots. The object for the dialog does exist in the object explorer.

Have you tried name mapping the dialog boxes manually?


I am guessing that enabling MSAA properties may help identify these (windows) dialogues appearing from the software installation process. 

also, configuring the testcomplete playback behavior upon unexpected windows may be required, since apart from humans, who can really expect download dialogues to pop up (get rid of checkboxes for press esc, close command, etc.)

Justin Kim
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Thanks a lot Marsha and Justin.


Hi @hiepwork08! Were you able to create reliable tests using the suggested approaches?

Sonya Mihaljova
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Still haven't found a reliable solution to the problem.

One think to note is that the recorded test was done from a remote desktop session.

Although recording from other types of applications via remote desktop did not have the same issue.



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Hi @hiepwork08 , since none of the above pieces of advice helped, I think connecting support might be a good idea to investigate this deeper -


Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist

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