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Record keyword test is getting stuck

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Record keyword test is getting stuck

When running the recorded test it's getting stuck. The below is the remarks got from system,

An error occurred when executing the "ClickButton" method or property of the "btn1202CreamOfVegetable" object.

The object or one of its parent objects was not found in the system.

Tested Object


Alias: Aliases["Vdine_PosApp_UI_Windows"]["OrderForm"]["WindowsForms10Window8app0bb8560r14ad1"]["WindowsForms10Window8app0bb8560r14ad11"]["btn1202CreamOfVegetable"]

Mapping item: NameMapping["Sys"]["Vdine_PosApp_UI_Windows"]["OrderForm"]["WindowsForms10Window8app0bb8560r14ad1"]["WindowsForms10Window8app0bb8560r14ad11"]["btn1202CreamOfVegetable"]

Missing Object


Alias: Aliases["Vdine_PosApp_UI_Windows"]["OrderForm"]["WindowsForms10Window8app0bb8560r14ad1"]["WindowsForms10Window8app0bb8560r14ad11"]

Mapping item: NameMapping["Sys"]["Vdine_PosApp_UI_Windows"]["OrderForm"]["WindowsForms10Window8app0bb8560r14ad1"]["WindowsForms10Window8app0bb8560r14ad11"]

Please advice how to solve this problem.
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Hello Thamini,

Please go through the "Handling the 'Object Does Not Exist' Error" help topic - it contains recommendations on how to solve the problem.

Please let us know if the recommendations do not help, or if you have any additional questions.

Thank you.

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