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Re-running failed test cases

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Re: Re-running failed test cases

Question: You mention that "on the next day, we rerun all failed tests".  Is this an automatic function of your code in TestComplete that, after the test run completes, it kicks off another run with the failed tests as an unattended execution?  Or does one of your staff come in and run the batch file generated that contains the failed tests?

I am ashamed answering this question, but right now I rerun them... MANUALLY :(

I haven't implemented my own solution in this project yet


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Re: Re-running failed test cases

@tristaanogre @Marsha_R @baxatob @karkadil

First of all - Thank you for so much brainstorming 🙂

Secondly, my scenario is if I run 15 Test Cases together, 10-12 of them pass but the remaining fail(due to Cache issues,intermittent issues,etc.). The failed test cases when re-executed then pass(without needing any changes into them).

So I was thinking if I could group them and then re-run them in the end after all the 15 test cases have run,that will solve my problem.

That is my general idea.

Re: Re-running failed test cases

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