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Questions about Browser Looping


Questions about Browser Looping

I am evaluating this product for possible use with for the company. I am attempting to create a test that will run on both

Chrome and Edge. 

I created the test using Chrome and when I originally ran the test on Chrome it works perfectly. Now I have added the looping function to it

but when I do that the system launches the Chrome browser then launches the Edge Browser and hangs there eventually it completes the test run

for Chrome but doesn't do the test run for Edge using the same steps. 


Is there a configuration to the Looping feature that is needed? So that it will run all the steps on both browsers.


Good that you figured that out!


Now you know one reason that I kept asking for screenshots rather than just copies of your code.  I could have seen the indents, or lack thereof, in your code and come to that conclusion earlier on in the discussion  




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