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Questions about Browser Looping


Questions about Browser Looping

I am evaluating this product for possible use with for the company. I am attempting to create a test that will run on both

Chrome and Edge. 

I created the test using Chrome and when I originally ran the test on Chrome it works perfectly. Now I have added the looping function to it

but when I do that the system launches the Chrome browser then launches the Edge Browser and hangs there eventually it completes the test run

for Chrome but doesn't do the test run for Edge using the same steps. 


Is there a configuration to the Looping feature that is needed? So that it will run all the steps on both browsers.

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Champion Level 3



doesn't do the test run for Edge

Can you provide an example of your code and corresponding test log?


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Browser Loop Chrome, Edge "", ... Iterates through the specified browsers.
BrowserWindow Click ... Clicks the 'BrowserWindow' object.
BrowserWindow Maximize Maximizes the specified Window object.
textboxUsername SetText "kfiander" Sets the text 'XXXX' in the 'textboxUsername' text editor.
textboxUsername Keys "[Tab]" Enters '[Tab]' in the 'textboxUsername' object.
passwordboxPassword SetText Project.Variables.Password1 Sets the text Project.Variables.Password1 in the 'passwordboxPassword' text editor.
passwordboxPassword SetText Project.Variables.Password2 Sets the text Project.Variables.Password2 in the 'passwordboxPassword' text editor.
passwordboxPassword Keys "[Enter]" Enters '[Enter]' in the 'passwordboxPassword' object.
vg Click ... Clicks the 'vg' control.
panel22 Click ... Clicks the 'panel22' control.
panel9 Click ... Clicks the 'panel9' control.
textboxCenterDealdealname Click ... Clicks the 'textboxCenterDealdealname' control.
textboxCenterDealdealname SetText "Bugs Bunn and Mickey" XXXX' in the 'textboxCenterDealdealname' text editor.
panel12 Click ... Clicks the 'panel12' control.
panel23 Click ... Clicks the 'panel23' control.
panel24 Click ... Clicks the 'panel24' control.
panel25 Click ... Clicks the 'panel25' control.
panel8 Click ... Clicks the 'panel8' control.
panel8 Keys "Here we c[BS]go again" Enters 'Here we c[BS]go again' in the 'panel8' object.
buttonClear ClickButton Clicks the 'buttonClear' button.
vg2 Click ... Clicks the 'vg2' control.


These are the steps results.

Google Chrome was launched. 9:20:11 Normal 0.00
Navigating to the page. 9:20:18 Normal 6.12
The Chrome browser was not closed after the loop iteration was finished 9:20:28 Normal 10.04
Microsoft Edge was launched. 9:20:30 Normal 2.42
Navigating to the page. 9:20:37 Normal 6.85
The Edge browser was not closed after the loop iteration was finished 9:20:47 Normal 10.07


It starts the Chrome Browser however that is all.

It launches Edge and completes all the steps successfully.


I need it to test both Chrome and Edge

You need to close the browser at the end of the loop.  I don't see that in your code steps.



I understand that. What I want is all the steps to be run on both browsers individually. Right now it launches just the Chrome Browser and leaves it open but it doesn't run any of the steps involved. 

However, it does run all of the steps for the Edge Browser.

So it worked with Chrome before you added the loop?  Try removing Edge from the loop so there's just 1 pass and it's for Chrome.  Let's see what that does.  Make sure to have the close browser step at the end.

I originally made this test in Chrome. And when I do a Edge test individually created it works but I want it to be able to run all the steps in both browsers.

So basically I want it first to launch Chrome run the steps then Launch Edge and run those same steps over again.

Yes, I see what your final goal is.  However, it's not working with both the browsers in the loop.  We need to break it down some more to troubleshoot.


We know that Chrome outside the loop works.  Now we need to solve the problem with Chrome not working in the loop.  First step is to eliminate all extra pieces of the test.  Take the Edge test out of the loop for now, and just run the loop with the Chrome test and lets see if that works.  That will tell us if there is something in the loop itself that is breaking the Chrome test.


Try and that post the results please.

I have put the Chrome inside the Loop and it worked perfectly. I haven't added Edge but so the loop only has Chrome other than I didn't close the browser but that part I am okay with because I am evaluating it as a possible solution for our needs.

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