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Qt widget inside Qscrollarea


Qt widget inside Qscrollarea



I am doing a POC on tool selection for a Qt. based application where Qt widgets are used extensively.

Using 12.5 desktop licensed version of Test Complete i am facing issues in identifying QObjects embeded inside QScrollarea.

It recognize the container but not the objects inside it. Also it shows child count=0, as shown in picture (attached) checkboxes are not recognizable, yes i can record it by coordinate but we dont want it like that way. Any suggestion will be a great help.


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It looks like that is a type of Grid.  Grid components of applications have a lot of parts to them that are not immediately visible to TestComplete and require the test developer to utilize other methods and properties to interact with the contents of the grid.


That said, in researching this a little further, I found the list of extended support QT components ( QScrollarea (if that's the component) is not listed.  This does not mean you can't interact with it or make use of the control, it just means that you'll have to do a bit more in the way of custom script code work in order to interact with the contents of the control. 

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