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Protecting .SCS files in testcomplete.

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Protecting .SCS files in testcomplete.


We have automated  some scripts using testcomplete and now we are handling over those script to QA's who are having TestExecute licenses only, for execution purpose.


We want to restrict the access to .SCS files for QA's who are having TestExecute licenses.This to avoid any code change in script file.If this user changes anything then there can be problem  while handling these project to some other person.


Can we make those .scs files read only ?

Can we give restricted access to testcomplete projects ?

Can we compile .SCS file in to something like  .dll or .exe like visual studio does.?


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Hi Swapnil,

TestExecute does not have any means to edit the test code, so no particulair TestExecute-related care is needed.

The best approach, probably, would be to store all your test projects within some source control system (TFS, Visual SourceSafe, Subversion, etc.) and get the latest version from it before test execution.

To protect the test sources on the file level, you can use the means provided by the operating system (file access and share permissions for the users/user groups).

> Can we compile .SCS file in to something like  .dll or .exe like visual studio does.?

No, this is not possible.
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The only way to do this is to compile the code you want to restrict into a connected application (see the "Connected Applications" help topic).
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Hi Alex,

Thanks for the suggestion but I would like elaborate my doubt further

What I require is TestExecute licens holder should not be allowed to open .scs files.But this user have all Testcomplete projects present locally on his machine for execution purpose and so can access scs files easily.

We dont want to expose some important key utility files.

We are using VSTS for managing our code base, we have put check in /check out restrictions to desired user but this provides restriction on check in/out level and I am thinking about making my .SCS files private.

Currently I am trying to understand and  use  "Connected Application "  concept suggested by Jared.


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