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Property Checkpoints won't check large areas

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Property Checkpoints won't check large areas

Hi, I am trying to use a property checkpoint for larger areas of data, such as hiding and showing columns in a table.  Test Complete DOES NOT recognize the data as a Table, so I cannot use a Table Checkpoint. 


I am trying to use a property checkpoint, but it only seems to work for 1 small area of data at a time, is there any alternatives? 

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A property checkpoint checks a property.  


For example, if you have an object such as objectA with properties Prop1, Prop2, and Prop3, a property checkpoint will only check the values of any one of those properties which, depending upon what the object is and what the property is, may or may not contain all your data.


So... before we can answer your question....  have you looked at your Table object using Object Spy/Object Browser?  Is there any one property in that table object that contains what you're looking for?


If you're checking whether or not a column is hidden or shown... many table objects (even if they aren't recognized for Table Checkpoint) contain properties that indicate what columns are visible or not.  Perhaps a "VisibleColumns" property.  Perhaps look around for something like that.


Alternatively... write code for it.  Using native properties, methods, etc on the object, perhaps write a small code function that uses something like a for loop to loop through the columns and validate the columns that are found with the expected columns.

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Thanks for your help!

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