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Project Variables Missing From Project Copy


Project Variables Missing From Project Copy



I made a copy of a folder containing the TestComplete project files into a new location using the Windows Explorer. When I accessed the copy project, I noticed that the project variables are missing. I think it is tcls files the config files that store project variables.

Is it possible that the project variables are stored not under the project folder? I will recreate the variables manually, but I thought I'd ask anyways.



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Everything is contained within the Project

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I haven't had the need to copy a project in a long time, but I recall it losing the variables in the past. What version of TestComplete are you using?

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Hey Marsha.... I am using the latest version. 15.46


I thought using the clone option would be better, but then again, I didn't want the copied project to be part of my project suite.



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Do you have projects within a project suite, and the variables are declared in the project suite?



I do have multiple projects, each one having its own project variables. There is only one project suite variable at this point. Is that what causes the situation?



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If you've copied a project to a different location, the variable reference to the project suite would be broken.

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