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Programming Around A Screen Saver

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Programming Around A Screen Saver

I tried two different methodologies.


i have a routine that moves the mouse occasionally. Each loop in my process. I then call this simple routine.


def MoveMouse():
Sys.Desktop.MouseX = Sys.Desktop.MouseX + 1


As well as 

Win32API.SystemParametersInfo(Win32API.SPI_SETSCREENSAVEACTIVE, False,"Null",0);


In theory they should work. They do not. I get no error.


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You don't want to just shut off the screensaver manually on that machine?

  • If there are long pauses between test actions in your distributed tests, make sure that the screen saver, power saving options and lock screen are disabled. Otherwise, TestComplete will fail to continue the test run after the computer is locked.



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Of course I do. I work for an Agency that controls that type of thing.



What about direct registry edit (from the scheduled task?) to disable screensaver ?


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I have to ask because there is no "of course" around here!  You might or might not be surprised at what people want to spend days automating when they could just turn it off.  


There's an example in this archived thread that is similar to one of yours.  @HKosova is pretty good at this stuff.  😉

Sub Test

  Set timer = Utils.Timers.Add(900, "Unit1.MoveMouse", True)


  ' Do something

End Sub


Sub MoveMouse

  Sys.Desktop.MouseX = Sys.Desktop.MouseX + 1

End Sub


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