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Problems with ansi letter (code 208)

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Problems with ansi letter (code 208)


I have problems while writing Armenian letters into text box, espasialy for Armenian letter 'Ð' which code is ascii code is 208. I have tried for Russian letter 'ä' which ascii code is also 208 and got the same result. Problem occurs while using Keys function for textbox and when the problematic character is the first letter.

There is no problem when I am recording and playing back the recorded version, but when I close the program and run the same recorded code it spoils some of the letters.

Please find attached images for both cases and the sample program for which I have tested.

Thank you in advance.


Hi Gayane,

To investigate the behavior, we need to reproduce the situation here. Please send us a sample application demonstrating the issue. Also, please clarify what OS is installed on your machine and what language is set as default for non-Unicode programs (see the "Support for Unicode" help topic for details).

Best regards,

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