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Problem with connection in Distributed Testing

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Problem with connection in Distributed Testing

Hi All,


I have a big problem with connection between master computer and remote computer. I have errors all the time, and I do not know what is wrong.

My master is on VM,  remote is also on VM and I use TestComplete 12 ( trial version, floating license) because I want to test Distributed Testing on VMs. I would like to create Automatic(RDP Session) but I still get message:"Verification failed: Unable to create a user session on the remote computer"  during verifying connection. When I click on Base path I can see folders on my remote computer, I can create connection when I use Remote Desktop Connection on Windows. I I set all requirements I still nothing. Below I present my settings:

On master:


On Master and Remote:

  • In System Properties I check Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop( less secure)
  • Firewall is disabled
  • In Local Group Policy>ComputerConfiguration>Administrative Templates>All Settings> Always prompt for password upon connection and Prompt for credentials on the client computer are disabled.
  • In Windows Firewall with Advanced Security on Inbound and Outbound Rules I add ports(6090,6091,6092)


Does anyone have any idea? I have been sitting for a few days and have no idea..




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Just an idea: doesn't occasionally, the slave VM displays Legal Notice text when you try to login manually? If it does, then the Legal Notice text must be removed as this blocks automated creation of the RDP session.

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