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PowerBuilder 2019 classic | MSAA | TC 14.30 cannot resolve objects inside DataWindow

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PowerBuilder 2019 classic | MSAA | TC 14.30 cannot resolve objects inside DataWindow

We are thinking about migrating from PB 12.1 to 2019. 
We have some tests written in TC. 
But TC cannot resolve objects inside Datawindow. Using Object Spy, we can't targer edit columns or DDDW/DDLB. TC only sees whole DW. 
Anyone using PB2019? Maybe there is something we need to configure to make it work? 
This doesn't help:

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I suggest that you contact Support directly.  They have the best information about what versions of what programs are supported in TestComplete.

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Hi @greg239843,


According to the article you mentioned, TestComplete 14.30 supports the following PowerBuilder version:

12.0, 12.5, 12.5.2 and 12.6.

Is v.2019 newer than 12.6?

Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Hi Tanya


2019 is newer than 12.6. 
After 12.6 from like 2012 (12.0 was from 2008), next was PB 2017 and now there is 2019. 

I can see that You support only "up to 12.6". But if You use MSAA API then it should just work. Someone changed something 🙂 Or there is some special code in TestComplete to enable PowerBUilder support. 

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Thanks for the update. I think the best option will be to submit this query to the TestComplete Support Team. They can work with our R&D team to investigate how TestComplete 14.30 can work with PowerBuilder 2019.



Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

Well, there is the question about TAM (Total Adressable Market) for TC and PB2019. 
I think it is around like 00001.34$ 🙂
So if SmartBear needs to spend >1.34$ to fix it...
I was just asking "Community", maybe there is some hidden checkbox that will resolve this problem. 
Maybe we just need to move some DLL file and it will start working again. 
Maybe You must add "PBACC190.DLL" (and PBACC170.DLL) to TC code to enable MSAA support in PB2017/19. 

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Hi @greg239843,


It's worth contacting the Support Team anyway. They need to make sure that this version is tested in our test lab. Perhaps, it's an easy fix. I'm sure they will find a solution.

Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Hello All,


After upgrading from PB 2017 to PB 2019 we have following issue.  I saw in the mail thread that Testcomplete also faced the similar issue.  Any workaround to get this issue resolved ?


The issue is Robotic applications like UIPath does not seem to select individual fields when it opens our application that is on Powerbuilder 2019. It was able to do it when the application was on Powerbuilder 2017. With the application on 2019, their Robotic application currently is able to select the entire datawindow painter rather than the individual fields within the datawindow. They are able to select individual SLE’s(Single Line Edit) with in the window without any issues. The issue is mostly with individual columns in a datawindow.

that prevents these kind of external robotic applications from accessing individual datawindow fields, when they were able to do it successfully when the application was on PB2017.



Kumaran KS

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UI Path and TestComplete I know use some similar technology for identifying components so there's no surprised they have similar difficulties (BTW, I'm using UI Path 2019.10.4 these days so... hiya!).


HOWEVER... as noted in this thread, TestComplete currently is well documented as not supporting PB 2019 as that's a newer version than the 12.6 that is documented.  In order for TestComplete to support PB 2019, that is work for the SmartBear folks to build that support into the tool.  There's no work around or what not for it other than sending general keystrokes to the screen, using OCR technology or image recognition technology.


Being a UI Path user myself I know that you can do the same there.  You might want to consider using ComputerVision, some sort of OCR identification, or image identification with anchors to find your objects in the short term.  I'd be willing to bet that, if TC is having issues with PB 2019, then the same would hold true for UI Path that he UI Path folks will need to make code changes to support the new version of PowerBuilder.

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I also made contact with Appeon tech support and they said that they changed something regarding MSAA 2.0 in DW with PB2019. 
Also, keep in mind that Accessability Insights, Microsoft's tool for checking MSAA implementation, don't work with PB2019 either. So we have 3 tools, which worked with 2017, but stoped working with PB2019. Coincidence? 🙂

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