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Performance of Silverlight

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Performance of Silverlight

I 've posted this in the Silverlight, AJAX and other Rich Internet App Testing section but the post is not viewed by anyone so I dicided to post it also here.

When i'm recording a silverlight test, TestsComplete becomes very slow.

If i type text in a textbox, it takes a few seconds before its actually entered.

This is when i'am using the Silverlight Test that comes with the download of TestComplete (

In this example, there are 8 textboxen that need to be filled in when you create a new order.

In my Silverlight application that I want to test with TestComplete, I need to fill in 28 textboxes. When i'm recorder a test. I have to wait 10 seconds before the text is entered in a textbox.

The Run-Test function is also very slow. I can execute the test faster by hand then with TestComplete.

Is there a reason why there is a lack of performance when testing Silverlight applications? With normal application- or webtesting, the performance of TestComplete is extremly fast. Recording a load-test in Silverlight is also very fast.

Is there a workaround to tune up the performance?

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Hi Patrick,

Let's continue investigating this behavior in the thread you started earlier.

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