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POST request without PrepareRequestObject

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POST request without PrepareRequestObject

I am fairly new to Web Service testing and have hit a problem. Would appreciate help or guidance please.


I want to POST a request to my webservice using TestComplete WebServices


If I use a Webservice checkpoint, it doesn't work sending my XML request as I need HTTP headers.


So I create a RequestXML using below

Set RequestXml = ServiceInfo.PrepareRequest(MethodName, RequestObj)


However the actual xml it produces is not the xml I want, and I cant change it within the object. (The method is complex)

So when I post the request the response is a fault code


Call"POST", "http://url?wsdl", False)
Call XmlHttpRequest.setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "text/xml")
Call XmlHttpRequest.send(RequestXML)


Is there a way of creating a the RequestXML not based on an existing method or is there just an easier way to send the xml?

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