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Open url in new window

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Open url in new window

I have a requirement to open an app in a new window.
With JavaScript code: Browsers.Item(btChrome).Run("");

which is replacing the existing active  browser window url and lauching the application if any of browser currently open.

Else lauching the application in new browser window.

but  the requirement is :

Open an application in an new browser(Chrome) window  even if  the browser window opens.

Do we have an y TC operation for it?

 I looked at the exisitng forum posts but it did not help:

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You could close all open browsers (if any) before you open the URL and that would guarantee it being in a new window

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Alternatively to what was suggested by Marsha, you can send .Keys("^N") to browser window to open new window and then navigate to the required url using this window.


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Thank you, Community!


@Karolina which advice did you choose?

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