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On-Screen Key action fails - wont perform Key [PageUp], [PageDown] and [End]

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On-Screen Key action fails - wont perform Key [PageUp], [PageDown] and [End]

Hi, I had a keyword script that was running successfully every time where I used the On-Screen Action to manipulate an open pdf page on a website to go a page down, up and end using the Keys action [PageUp], [PageDown] and [End]. 

last week I tried to run this again, since its a part of my monthly routine for the last 6 month now, the operation fails. The keyword script no longer wants to take that page Down, Up, End, therefore, failing my testing: Screenshot_19.jpg

above you can see the script line, 

it's a simple line and has nothing to it but to take an active page up down etc. However, it passes the line without any action when the test is run. It shows no errors and shows no fails for his specific action. 


Already tried to troubleshoot this so far: 

1) Remap the ObjectPlugin

2) Rerecord the On-screen Action using the On-Screen Action Commange and record&playback option - both results will return the following error message: 



It advises optimizing for Flash, I am not using a flash site!

3) adding an extra click on an object - also not working 



Please assist, 

I have updated to Version: 14.20.2175.7 x64 

Also, we have an OCR function ( Intelligent Quality) 

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If you take the test that was working and go in Debug mode and step through it one line at a time, what happens when you hit the page up/down part?

it won't give any details on it when I try to Evaluate



I wasn't looking for Evaluate so much as will it actually do your page up/down if you step through it.  This can tell us if there's a timing issue.

No, it does not do anything 

I believe this has something to do with the new update to 14.20 version something has changed that prevents this from working, you guys updated some mapping functionality, etc. 

Can we please troubleshoot the new update, this is definitely a bug in a software. 

If you want Support to look at an issue, you need to report it here:


Occasionally they'll come by here, but 99% of those responding are volunteers or other community members and not SmartBear employees.  



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