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Office 365 Teams.exe Automation


Office 365 Teams.exe Automation

I'm actually trying to automate Teams UI but obviously, the Object Spy cannot see the inner CEF elements from it...
I've been breezing through the forums and documentation and still cannot find how to make it work...


I had similar issues with Office 365 Outlook, not being able to see the inner components as well as the spy making the Outlook process crash.... Figured how to have it a bit more stable but shutting down almost everything but still doesn't make the automation much reliable....


Anybody having faced these issues and found solution to it ?
Teams is launched from %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams\Update.exe with command line parameters  --processStart "Teams.exe"   but it won't start if I use ClickOnce or anything else, nor have I found a switch to make it start with a CEFhook...


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