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Object Identification Error in TC 7.5

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Object Identification Error in TC 7.5

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am using Test Complete 7.5 to automate my application developed in C# Dot Net.

I have added all GUI objects in Name Mapping with properties Name,Full Name and Visible.

I have created functions in C# script. 

Now I run the functions under f_main() function. I call a function f_OpenCostEstimate() where there are some validations like checking existence of buttons, labels etc. 

If I call the above mentioned function first time, it opens Cost Estimate window under main window and validates all the checks successfully.

But after opening next time it does not identify the same object validated just few seconds back. 

I stopped the execution and checked the assigned properties values but the values of name and full name properties are changed.   

It is different from the values in Name Mapping.

Now if I close inner Cost Estimate window under Main window and open manually Cost Estimate again, Test Complete starts identifying the same window.

Earlier I was using Test Complete 5.0 and same functionality was working fine.

So please help me in order to resolve this problem


Manoj Pathak

Manoj Pathak
Sr. Test Engineer, Tieto S/W Pvt. Ltd.

Hi Manoj,

To provide us with more information on the problem, please reproduce the issue, pack the entire project suite folder and send us the archive via the Contact Support form.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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