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OBJECTS With the same mapped name

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OBJECTS With the same mapped name

Hi there,

I have a problem with mapping objects in my mobile application and I hope you can help me fix it.


The application that I'm working with has several services each service contains different forms and field. While working on the current service , I was trying to map an object using object spy and it gives me that the parent object mapped name is textnode5 ,after mapping the object testcomplete  always fails to find it and it gives me an error message that the "parent object not found " I found that this object textnode5 is already mapped  to another object in a previous service ,that's why it's giving error, so it means that the parent object is the same for different services which is affecting the mapping for the child objects that possible and how can I fix it .

error 1.PNGerror2.PNGerror3.PNG








In the name mapping repository, for that object could we use extended find: 

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Dear @mattb ,

Thank you for your reply ,but I don't think that extended find will help here

because in my case the two objects that  are  mapped to " textnode 5" are different but they got the same mapped name and what is confusing .


Thank you ,

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