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Not able to retrieve selected DropDown value


Not able to retrieve selected DropDown value


In my windows desktop application, I have many drop downs. TestComplete identifies them as Object Type 'DropDown'. Hence I am not abe to use any methods or properties like wText, Text, SelectedItem, ClickItem,... This Object does not return any methods or properties.

From Project > Object Mapping, I tried to add a New Class by selecting this Object from screen, but it cannot be done as it does not belong to ListBox or ComboBox or ListView.

I've looked at previous threads and help files and have tried all those suggestions, but am not able to get it done.

Any suggestions or help will be much appreciated.

These are some settings screens in my application, so the dropdown values are previously selected. When I go to that screen, I just need to read whatever value has been set in that particular drop down field, so as to validate that the rigt value has been set. This is a Power Builder application and I am creating Keyword Tests and scripts using VBScript.



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Has all the application prep been done properly?


It sounds like a little prep work is required to make PB applications and TC play nice together ...

Thanks for your suggestion!

I have done the part of configuring TestComplete Project by adding pbdw* to the MSAA's list of accepted windows.

I will have to try and see if configuring PB Application makes a difference. Going to talk to development about it.





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Hi  Deepa,


Did the issue you posted here got resolved ? We face similar issue when we try to get values from drop-down in one of the powerbuilder applications we are trying to automate using Test Complete.

Any information on this would be really helpful.



Thanks and Regards,

Raghu Bakthan

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Hey, have you solved the issue? We are facing similiar issue... 😕 

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