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NodeBitmaps: what are they for?

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NodeBitmaps: what are they for?

hello, I have a question regarding the NodeBitmaps node within the keyword test files.

what is the purpose of those? and is there a way to stop testcomplete to change the keyword Tests when they are not touched by me in any way? see appended screenshot.

reason is that it annoys me when I want to commit my changes into git and öinstead of one or two files that have changes there are many more because of the NodeBitmaps. I think it has something to do with the screenshots testcomplete takes during testing, but I can not find anything about it in the forums, Support or documentation. and I don't upload any image due to an entry in my .gitignore file. because we don't need them.


I hope someone can help me on this topic.




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I'm in the thread because I'm interested in the answers.

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technically yes, but there is no answer to it, only that it is adressed for future releases and is from 2013.

so I hoped by the time it had been worked on.

I think if this is the same technical problem, you should open a ticket and giving them the information about the answer given in 2013.


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Got an answer from Support:

Support wrote:

"These XML nodes are the small icons that you see in the KDT editor on the left side of the top-level object nodes. Not all KDT nodes have icons in this format. I believe that icons in this format are created only for top-level windows. 

I do not think that there is any way to disable them. At least not in the GUI."


so these are just the small icons for chrome or firefox browser and not something that can break my test. so I can ignore them from now on.


but I have to say: the solution to store these icons in the XML file is a bit ... weird. with this huge encrypted (?) data segment. this could be implemented in a better way just like something like this:

    <Bitmap Name="Aliases.Browser" Data="chrome_icon">

 but this is just my opinion.


wish you all the best and thanks for contributing.



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